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Jane is a resilient woman who has been navigating the challenging journey of
overcoming addiction for many years. Despite numerous attempts to break free from the chains
of addiction, she found herself trapped in a cycle of despair. One day, Jane made the courageous
decision to seek help with her addiction to opioids and other drugs by participating in various
free support groups, that are offered to the community, at Kimmie’s Recovery Zone. It was in
these peer support groups that she found a positive community of peers, as well as solace.

She began to regularly attend the KRZ wellness recovery action plan (WRAP) sessions that are
hosted every Tuesday morning in addition to other peer support groups. Her participation in
these positive peer groups led her to feel more confident in opening up and sharing vulnerable
experiences regarding her addiction and the struggles she is facing. These support groups became
a lifeline for Jane, offering her encouragement and understanding that she desperately needed. It
was this positive encouragement that gave Jane the strength and courage to ask for help with her
addiction in a more intensive and medically assisted way.


With a newfound determination to get sober and finally be free from her addiction, she made the life-altering decision to enter a comprehensive treatment program located in Lee County Florida. Jane understood that this step was crucial for her recovery, and she was willing to invest the time and effort required to break free from the grips of addiction once and for all. Jane's success story, although not complete serves as a testament to the transformative power of seeking help, embracing support, and committing to the challenging but rewarding path of recovery.

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Older gentleman came in looking for resources due to chronic homelessness. Upon discussion it was determined he was dealing with SU/MH disorder and felt unheard and invisible. Daily, we gave food and connection for about the first two weeks.


As he began to trust us, he opened up about his homelessness, stating it has persisted most of his adult life, since shortly after emigrating here from the islands. We helped him initially get a bicycle so he could find work. At first, he got sporadic work but is working more consistently now. We helped him find out the documentation necessary to get his ID and are assisting him in getting it issued. He is now volunteering with us and in his community helping to beautify and uplift. Our next step is to work to help overcome his barriers to lodging.

By far the two major takeaways from us working with him is: his change from needing to take resources from his community to now being willing and able to give his resources back to his community; and a major turnaround in his demeanor, where once he believed he was ordained to suffer and he was not of any value, he is now recognizing his talents and assets and is using them to better himself and others.

Through outreach in Suncoast Estates, we met a mother of a 34yo daughter struggling with homelessness and addiction to fentanyl. We were able to connect the mother with one of our volunteers who has similar life experience; she has started to attend Nar-Anon meetings and is slowly cultivating a new relationship with her daughter.


We met with the daughter and got her placement in detox, she attended and left. She was subsequently arrested and since being released has gone back through detox. She has now been clean of fentanyl and other substances for about 60 days, is living back with her mother and has reunited with her daughter.


We further linked her to a local 12 step fellowship in her area and found her meetings close to her residence. We continue to meet with her to monitor her progress and aid in any new challenges that arise.

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